I. The Child
A man wakes up in a dark, empty room with one corner slightly illuminated by the faint moonlight drifting in from the window shutters. Fixated upon the corner, the image of a young boy appears with the sound of a lullaby coming from the music box held in his hands. Looking around, the image of the boy keeps appearing in front of the emptiness of the walls which the man cannot see. As the lullaby stops, the image of the boy flickers between itself and that of the man, both staring ahead with a blank expression before slowly receding into the darkness, a smile forming within the final glimpses.

II. The Fairy
A fairy dressed in pink flutters down and perches on the man's fingers. Believing the fairy to be someone sent to kill him, he lashes out, running head-first into the wall in front of him. As he lays there, the looming figure of the fairy creeps closer and closer to him. Fearing for his life, the man sings the lullaby from the music box to comfort himself before making a final attempt to destroy the fairy, resulting in him strangling himself. The lullaby can be heard faintly from the music box somewhere as the entire scene fades to black.

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