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Compositions > Ling of the Village in the East

Ling of the Village in the East「東村女子鈴」

Written for the Southampton University Symphony Orchestra



Flute x2

Oboe x2

Clarinet in B x2

Bassoon x2

Horn in F x3

Trumpet in B x2

Tenor trombone x2

Bass trombone


Percussion x2


Violin I

Violin II





A young woman, Ling (鈴 is the sound of a bell ringing), stands on the edge of a cliff looking over the luscious forest towards the horizon as the destruction of the world at the hands of evil spreads across the Earth. Taking a moment to reflect and shed two final tears, she jumps from the cliff and runs towards the horizon, leaping off at the end and gliding through the air towards the beasts. Visions of the villages and townspeople feeling for shelter flash by as she begins to cast a spell, runes and magic circles engulfing the space around her.

A flashback of Ling's childhood is shown. She was a carefree child, living with her family in isolation in the forest. She would run around everywhere, laughing and joyous whilst her parents would look on in sorrow, knowing that their daughter the was chosen one - the martyr - born with the only ability to destroy the evil and prevent the destruction of the Earth.

Ling's incantation is complete, a bright white light emitting from her body as all fades to black.

The sun rises over the horizon. It has been a millennium and the ruins covering the Earth are overgrown with beautiful green forest once again. In the village in the east, a festival is held celebrating the legacy of Ling and her ultimate sacrifice to protect the world. During this festival, a woman gives birth to a baby girl with a tear-shaped mark by her eye. Hinting at the birth of a new martyr, the piece closes on a shot of the horizon, the cliff on which Ling once stood coming back into view.

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