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Compositions Khvarenah: The City of Light

Khvarenah: The City of Light

Winner of the Abingdon Concert Band composition competition 2016




Flute x2

Oboe x2

Clarinet in B x3

Bass clarinet


Alto Saxophone x2

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet in B x3

Horn in F x4

Tenor trombone x2

Bass trombone




Percussion x3

Khvarenah /xva:rɛ'na:r/

The Avestan word for the Zoroastrian concept of "glory" or "splendour", projected upon the chosen by a divine mystical force.

A vision of a great desert city, Khvarenah.

It rules amidst the desolate lands, its markets bustling with life and activity whilst the royal army stands waiting for the crowning of their new king.

As he steps out onto the marble balcony overlooking a vast land of wealth and fortune, the city rejoices and celebrates the welcoming of a new era of glory and splendour.

Performed by the Northamptonshire County Youth Concert Band

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